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Our platform makes it easy to train the AI with your teaching materials, create conversational lessons and quizzes, track student progress, and so much more.

Personalize Support

Personalized support for your students with AI trained on your teaching materials

Increase Engagement

Engaging conversational lessons & interactive quizzes

Increase Reach

Integrates with your LMS or popular messaging apps used by learners daily

Customizable AI

Align AI responses with specific teaching styles and curriculum requirements.

Analytics Dashboard

Track student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

Easy Monetization

Integrated payment system if you choose to monetize access

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Botter seamlessly integrates with all major learning management systems and popular messaging apps.

Using Botter

How do I get started?


Train chatbot

Easily train the chatbot with your teaching materials including textbooks, presentations, videos, and more


Setup Integrations

Integrate our chatbot with courses in your learning management system, or a supported messaging app


Sit back and let AI handle the rest

The chatbot will answer student questions, provide feedback, and engage learners with conversational lessons and quizzes

Use cases

Botter's chatbots can be used in a variety of contexts

Higher Education

Provide personalized support and engage students like never before.

Language Schools

Engage students in real conversations, quizzes, and exercises, creating a dynamic language learning experience.

NGOs and Outreach Programs

Our integrations with low-bandwidth and familiar messaging apps provide increased accessibility.

Course Creators

Reach a broader audience and charge for your courses with our integrated payment system.

Croporate Training

Botter's engagement-focused approach ensures employees acquire essential skills effectively.

Test Preparation Companies

Botter's interactive quizzes and automated support streamline test preparation.

What Learners Say
  • The method of teaching is the best. I learned so much in only an hour!

    Natasha Galloza

  • I really like and loveeee this bot because its techniques in teaching and motivating me is very great. I love it. ❤💖💞💌

    Reia Formilleza

  • The lessons are very helpful, and the trifecta of visual, audio and user input makes for a concise and immersive experience.

    Shaun Wells

  • This is so fun and I'm learning a lot

    Ntshepeleng Leona


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Botter is a revolutionary platform that delivers interactive and engaging conversational courses through popular messaging apps. It's designed to make learning accessible, engaging, and personalized for learners of all backgrounds.

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