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Using Botter For Your Online Courses, Training, & Support

Increase Engagement

Engaging conversational lessons & interactive quizzes

Increase Reach

Delivered inside messaging apps used by learners daily

Increase Completion

3x the course completion rate of traditional platforms

Increase Accessibility

Reach learners with minimal access to digital resources

Easy Monetization

Integrated payment system if you choose to monetize access

AI + Your Content

Provide automated answers based on your content

Our platform makes it easy to create your courses, track your students progress, message students and so much more.

Create Courses

Utilize text, images, videos and more to explain concepts or quiz students

Track Progress

See how your students are doing so you can provide personalized support.

Message students

Message individual students or whole classes

Customize chatbot

Automate replies using a custom ChatGPT integration

Manage Access

Easily manage who has access to your courses and for how long.

Accept Payments

All you need to do is set the price for your course!

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  • Bot 3

On top of teaching your courses to students chatting with your facebook page, our AI tutor uses proven techniques to increase engagement and help your students learn faster.


Students can earn points, badges, level up and compete with everyone taking your course

Spaced Repetition

Uses a scientifically proven method to help students remember what they've learned

AI Powered

Uses the latest AI technologies to answer questions, role-play, and have conversations with students

Use cases

Botter's chatbots can be used in a variety of contexts

Language Schools

Engage students in real conversations, quizzes, and exercises, creating a dynamic language learning experience.

NGOs and Outreach Programs

Botter's low-bandwidth platform ensures educational access where it's needed most.

Teachers and Educators

Personalize lessons and engage students like never before.

Course Creators

Reach a broader audience and charge for your courses with our integrated payment system.

Employee Training

Botter's engagement-focused approach ensures employees acquire essential skills effectively.

Test Preparation Companies

Botter's interactive quizzes and automated support streamline test preparation.

What Learners Say
  • The method of teaching is the best. I learned so much in only an hour!

    Natasha Galloza

  • I really like and loveeee this bot because its techniques in teaching and motivating me is very great. I love it. ❤💖💞💌

    Reia Formilleza

  • The lessons are very helpful, and the trifecta of visual, audio and user input makes for a concise and immersive experience.

    Shaun Wells

  • This is so fun and I'm learning a lot

    Ntshepeleng Leona

Using Botter

So how do I get started with botter?


Setup Integrations

Sign up to our platform and easily easily integrate our chatbot with your website, facebook page, instagram, or telegram


Create a course

Set the price for your course and use various templates to create engaging lessons with explanations and exercises


Tell your students

Students can just start a chat on your website, facebook page, instagram, or telegram to take your courses


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